Aisle Carpet & Ceremony Decoration Hire

One of the most memorable aspects of a wedding ceremony is the magical moment the bride appears, and gracefully makes her way down the aisle to her eagerly awaiting groom. There are many traditions associated with the bride’s journey down the aisle. Some are rooted in superstitious beliefs, some are symbolic and some began out of practical needs.

At Northwest Letter Lights we know how important your walk up the aisle, its one of those moments in life you will always want to remember and cherish the moment. Whatever your theme for your wedding, we will be able to work with you to create that perfect walk up the aisle.

We provide Aisle Runners for Wedding ceremonies at venues all across the North West of England.

10m White Aisle Carpet Hire Price: £75.00

Set Up is included in all our prices. To secure your date we take a 20% booking fee with the remaining balance to be paid 14 days prior to your event . If your chosen Venue is over 10 miles from us we charge a small fee towards delivery and collection, however if your chosen Venue is within 10 miles, delivery and collection at our discretion is free of charge on all orders over £100.00.

Looking for ways to compliment our Aisle Carpets?


Rose Petals


A beautiful addition to our Aisle Carpets  is the use of rose petals. Rose petals are a great way to form or define the aisle area. They are incredibly romantic and can be arranged in a variety of ways to create many different looks. They can be loosely scattered up the aisle creating a flowing, romantic feel or arranged to formerly outline the aisle for a more structured look.

Price: £3.00 per meter


Aisle Lanterns

Our Beautiful Washed Ornate Lanterns are a sure way to add a touch of charm to any event, making a wonderful addition to any wedding Aisle. Our Aisle Lanterns can look stunning dressed simply by using our supplied Led Pillar Candle Lights or can be dressed to impress to your wedding theme. Whichever option is chosen they are sure to add the magical touch to your Aisle.

Price: from £10.00 each


Large Decorated Manzanita Tree & Podium

Our Large Decorated Manzanita Trees  standing on podiums come beautifully decorated in 

* Rose Garland * Hanging Glass Baubles * Hanging Bird Cages * Hanging Crystal Garland * Trailing Hydrangea and mini Led Lights is sure to provide the Wow factor at any Event.

Price: from £75.00 each


1.8m (6ft) Deluxe  Ivory Blossom Tree's

If you are looking to give your wedding the Ultimate Wow factor, then look no further than our stunning collection of 1.8m (6ft) Deluxe Ivory Blossom Tree's. Our Deluxe Tree's stand 1.8m (6ft) Tall and with branches designed to reach upwards and outwards reach up to an impressive 150cm wide.

No expense has been spared on these trees, as although our Tree's are artificial these beautiful Blossom Tree's look so realistic that you really can't tell that they are not the real deal as they are currently one of the highest quality trees available to date.

There are so many uses for our Deluxe Blossom trees with being ideal for a dramatic but romantic aisle scene, Used for Table Centrepieces, they look just as good by the side of your top table or where you make your big entrance.

Hanging Glass Baubles including Led Tea Lights can be added to our trees if you wished at a cost of £1 each, we would recommend 3-4 per Tree 

Price: from £80.00 each

Quantity: 10 x Ivory Blossom


1.8m (6ft) Ivory or Cherry Blossom Tree's In Wooden Planter

Although our Tree's are artificial, our beautiful Blossom Tree's look so realistic that you really can't tell that they are not the real deal. With the addition of our moss filled bases or beautiful wooden planters they really do bring the outdoors in, giving you a truly authentic outdoor feel.


Our Standard Blossom Tree's stand approx 1.8m tall and approx 80cm wide and come in either Ivory or Cherry Blossom.

These Trees are a perfect way to compliment your Wedding Aisle or can even be used to Decorate Venue Doorways or Gift Tables, just to name a few, The possibilities are endless.... 

Hanging Glass Baubles including Led Tea Lights can be added to our trees if you wished at a cost of £1 each, we would recommend 3-4 per Tree 

Price: from £40.00 each

Quantity: 4 x Ivory Blossom

Quantity: 4 x Cherry Blossom


Table Swagging

Using Table Swagging can create a far more appealing  coordinated look by adding a touch of elegance and Luxury to your Wedding. Our Liquid Satin Wedding Table swags complete the overall look of your room and complement your wedding table decorations. Providing  enhancements to the Top Table, Cake Table and Civil Ceremony Tables.

Prices: from £20.00


Artificial Long & Low Floral Display

Our Artificial  Long & Low Floral Display is the Perfect addition to any Ceremony/Top Table,  These arrangements can be used on a table or window sill in the ceremony and then transferred to the Top Table during the Wedding Breakfast/Reception. Measuring approx 10 inches (25.4cm) tall & approx 48inches (121cm) wide these are perfect to fit a 6ft Table commonly used within ceremony's then to provide the Wow factor on your Larger Top Table. Our Displays Feature lots of foliage and beautiful life like Silk Flowers to fit your wedding theme.

Prices: from £45.00


White Podium


Style 1

  Price: £30.00 each

( Quantity Available: 2)


90cm x 30cm x 30cm

White Podium


Style 2

  Price: £30.00 each

( Quantity Available: 6 )